According to a “well-placed Vegas insider,” there are allegations that Mars is in significant debt to a major casino, purportedly owing close to US$50 million (AUD$76mil). The insider claims that Mars has a lucrative deal with MGM, suggesting that the casino essentially “owns him”.

Reportedly, Mars earns approximately $90 million from his arrangement with the casino, but after settling his gambling debts and taxes, he allegedly pockets around $1.5 million per night.

On a musical front, Mars collaborated with Silk Sonic, garnering critical acclaim with their debut album. NME awarded the album a perfect five-star rating, praising its infectious joy and the seamless synergy between the two artists. The album, titled “An Evening With Silk Sonic,” is lauded for its celebration of camaraderie and the sheer pleasure of collaboration.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Mars has joined forces with Fender to design his own signature Stratocaster guitar. Describing his relationship with the instrument, Mars expressed that while he doesn’t consider himself primarily a guitar player, he sees himself more as a songwriter. He views each song as a puzzle to solve, and he believes a great guitar can inspire and elevate the creative process, helping artists reach their musical goals.