Get ready to loosen the belt (and maybe add a couple of notches) because the world’s best burger joint is setting up shop in Melbourne!  

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is flinging open its doors on August 8th in Southbank, right next to the big red stairs by Queen’s Bridge (the perfect place to work off that extra side of fries you order).

The franchise has exploded in Sydney since it opened in 2020, with two locations that have attracted wait times of up to four hours long!   

So, are the burgers worth the wait?  Uh, yep!  With fifteen amazing toppings to choose from, you can tailor the burger to your exact craving.  And if burgers aren’t your thing (what is wrong with you?!), they also have hotdogs and sandwiches that you can trick out.

Also, they do shakes.  And bacon is an available mix-in.  

Just when you thought Melbourne had it all.