As we see our world become increasingly impacted by climate change, there’s never been a more critical time to take action.  

You might be doing your bit already, but what’s the world of Hip Hop doing? Here are 5 Hip Hop artists dedicated to making the planet a better, safer place for future fans!

5)  Jaden Smith

He’s known for being in the Karate Kid remake, but can he remake water bottles too? Yes, yes, he can! Smith founded ‘Just Water’, a sustainably sourced spring-water company that uses a bottle made of plant-based plastics that produces 74% less emissions than traditional plastic water bottles.   

4) Pharrell Williams

The N.E.R.D. artist has always been at the forefront of culture, but his biggest hit might be his work with Bionic Yarn, a company that turns plastic waste into textiles! Textiles are used to produce everything from shoes, to bags and luggage, to apparel. Not only is he ‘Happy’… he’s making the oceans happy too! 

3) Megan Thee Stallion


The Texan rapper known for ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ wants to make our beaches beautiful too! In 2019, she launched the first ever ‘Hottie Clean Up’, calling on fans to help clean up Santa Monica beach. Hey Megan, let’s do Bondi next!

2) Lizzo

The Hip Hop artist (and Flutist) is spruiking the word on Veganism, a lifestyle that can massively reduce one’s carbon footprint.   Liz regularly takes to TikTok to share vegan recipes and inspiration on ways you can enjoy more sustainable, plant-based meals. Yum!

1) DJ Cavem

Coining the term ‘Eco Hip Hop’ back in 2007, this Denver-based Hip Hop Artist made headlines with his album ‘Biomimicz’ released under his label, ‘Plant Based Records’.

“I am producing the first sustainable compostable hip hop album. I packaged the album in a package of seeds and distributed it in the hood with a Q.R. code, so it’s digital, and it teaches brothers and sisters how to grow their own food and boost their immune health. That’s important in times like these.”


Hopefully, these efforts will continue, and these Hip Hop artists can create some amazing new records & record recoveries for the environment!