CADA is proud to announce our next feature project is Lizzo’s fourth studio album, ‘Special’. 

The queen of self-love, Lizzo brings a sense of difference to the music industry, and this album comfortably sits in the space of catchy hooks that people will use on TikTok whilst also providing insight into how she views the world.

Lizzo is not afraid to admit past mistakes, and inclusivity is incredibly important to her. She tackles self-doubt with a typical ‘shrug of the shoulder’ attitude and is an inspiration to many.

People are already going crazy over these tracks, and you can only imagine how they would sound in front of a crowd. Anthemic.

Our very own Avneesha had the chance to catch up with Lizzo a couple of months ago, where they talked all things music, touring, and, of course, performed her iconic TikTok dance ‘About Damn Time’. You can check it out here. 

Lizzo and Special, CADA’s Feature Project.