Who doesn’t love Lizzo? The Grammy-winning hit-maker is one of the biggest names in music. But how much of a Lizzbian are you? Get ready to fill up your brain bank with these twelve bits of trivia!

1) She Plays The Flute

Not only is Lizzo a skilled rapper and songwriter, but she also gives Ron Burgundy a run with her mad fluting skills!

2) Her Flute Has An Instagram Account

‘Sasha Flute’ is the alter-ego for Lizzo’s favourite wood instrument, and it has over 300k followers on Instagram! 

3) Her Real Name

Her birth certificate says Melissa Viviane Jefferson. ‘Lizzo’ is a stage name she picked up when she was in her first band as a teen!


4) She Was In A Marching Band

Lizzo was a proud marching flautist from 8th grade all the way through college. She paid homage to her old marching band days in the music video for ‘Good As Hell’.

5) Her backup Singers’ Have Unique Nicknames

It’s well known that Lizzo is a proud advocate for plus-size representation, so much so that her backup singers are plus-sized, and are referred to by Lizzo as her ‘Big Grrrls’! 

6) Prince Protege!

The late, great artist was such a fan of Lizzo that he offered to produce an album for her.


7) Rapping From A Young Age 

Lizzo is still young, but she started rapping when she was really young – only 14. No wonder her flow is so good!

8) She’s A Vegan!

Lizzo has been rocking the plant-based diet for a couple of years and regularly shares recipes on TikTok.

9) She Was A Guest Judge On Rupaul’s Drag Race. 

Fans of both Lizzo and RuPaul were having a great day when this episode aired!


10) She Was ‘Time’ 2019 Magazine’s ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ 

It’s not hard to see why – 2019 was the year Lizzo spent seven non-consecutive weeks at #1 with her hit ‘Truth Hurts’

11) She’s An Actress

Lizzo can not only sing, but she can act! She made her feature film debut in 2019’s ‘Hustlers’, where she impressed audiences and critics with her skills.

12) She Once Took A Vow Of Silence

In the midst of an identity crisis, Lizzo clammed up for three whole months. All we can say is we’re glad it ended!