If Happy Gilmore had a remake our bet is on Adam Sandler starring as an NBA rookie after casually dominated a bit of NYC pickup. Sandler was spotted alongside rap and Hip Hop legend J Cole on a casual outdoor basketball court in New York City. In the video posted by @ira.theconnect Cole and Sandler are warming up on the court before being joined by NBA player Hamidou Diallo and streetball legend George Papoutsis. Oh, and a whole bunch of random normals like us who are about to have a story no one’s going to believe.


Sandler, rocking an all pink fit with the old school long shorts was dishing out dimes left right and centre. It’s been rumoured by NBA players in the past that Adam Sandler can in fact ball out and we’ve finally got the proof we’ve all been waiting for. Looks like Cole was bench warming from the sidelines but as a professional basketball we can forgive the fact he’s saving himself from injury.

The “No Role Modelz” hitmaker has played in two pro-basketball leagues, suiting up for the Rwanda-based Patriots Basketball Club in the Basketball Africa League (BAL) and the Scarborough Shooting Stars in the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

So if on the off chance you’re in NYC (must be nice) we’d recommend doing a quick tour of the street courts and who knows who you might be facing 1V1.