Being a rapper isn’t exactly a job you can find on Seek, so it’s tricky to know how much they earn.  But a recently leaked document revealed the amount of money some rappers charged for a private show… and the numbers were eye-watering.

Do you think these five are worth the big bucks they’re charging? 

5) Rick Ross

The legendary rapper and record executive is said to charge $60,000 per performance.  

But hey, if you can organise 30,000 friends, that’s only $2 each!

4)  Jack Harlow

The best thing to come out of Kentucky since Colonel Sanders – this 24-year-old rapper allegedly charges 100k per show.  That’s one finger-lickin’ fee!


3) 50 Cent 

The rapper-turned entrepreneur is apparently firing out invoices for $150,000 per performance.  We think that includes a free Vitamin Water though, so not too exxy right?  

2) Drake

You used to call him on his cellphone… and that cellphone is presumably made of gold and encrusted with jewels, because the Canadian hitmaker is charging $250,000 per performance.

1) Kanye

If he’s not designing clothes or angrily texting Pete Davidson, you might be able to snag Kanye for a gig.  But you can expect to pay 1 million bucks for the pleasure of Yeezy’s company.


Okay, so they’re all pretty expensive.  But if any of these guys offer After Pay, we’re totally down!