Lizzo has slammed her ex employees claims as ‘outrageous’ in a lengthy instagram post.

Three former dancers have filed a lawsuit against the songstress claiming that they experienced a hostile work environment, weight shaming and sexual harassment. The lawsuit listed Lizzo, her production company Big Grrl Big Touring Inc and the dance captain, Shirlene Quigley.

Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, stated that “These last few days have been gut wrenchingly difficult and overwhelmingly disappointing”.

“Usually I choose not to respond to these false allegations but these are as unbelievable as they sound and too outrageous to not be addressed. These sensationalised stories are coming from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional”.

Since news of the lawsuit, a few of Lizzo’s former associates have come forward with stories of their own, seemingly in support of these claims. The other associates to come forward include another dancer, a documentarian and a creative director.